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TV Mounting Price: How Much Should it Cost to Mount My TV?

Puls Blog – 12.5.18 (12.4.18)

Good question! If you’re curious about the average TV mounting price and how much you should be paying to have your television mounted and installed, the answer isn’t always so cut and dry.

That’s because the final TV installation price can depend on a variety of different factors – including how large your TV is, where you want to hang it, what kind of mount you’d like to use, and which extra services you’d like to add on.

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Digital Photo Frames Take 3

The Imaging Alliance Blog – 12.3.18 (11.26.18)

Digital frames have been around for a while. We got tired of the first generation in the early 1990s, and the second generation of internet-connected frames in in the early 2000s wasn’t compelling enough either for most of us to keep using them. Why have yet another device to clutter our shelves or counters if we could already easily view our photos on our phone, computer, iPad – or connect any of those to our TV to view them on a large screen?

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Q&A With Dan Milnor: How to Stand Out as a Creative

Blurb Blog – 11.6.18

It seems that more and more people are entering the creative fields. On the surface, this is a great thing. It means new perspectives, new ideas, and more opportunities for collaboration. But it also means that to survive as a successful, independent, creative professional, you must become more adept at standing out. So what does that involve? We spoke to professional photographer Dan Milnor to find out.

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[NEOFECT Extender] Hand & Wrist Rehabilitation Glove

NEOFECT YouTube Channel – 9.20.18 (9.19.18)


NEOFECT Hand Extender is a hand and wrist brace for Stroke, SCI, TBI patients who have weakened hand function. It is best for those with spasticity and/or stiffening of fingers and wrist. The extender helps minimize spasticity and maintains the appropriate stretch for functional hand movement. With specially designed finger straps, users have better grip and grasp for everyday tasks.

Source: [NEOFECT Extender] Hand & Wrist Rehabilitation Glove

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