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Popular Domain Names for Podcasters

Hover Blog – 6.6.19 (6.3.19)

Being a podcaster is an exciting world to be part of. The listener rates boast enticing numbers for any potential podcaster, with 73% of Americans over the age 12 listening of podcasts on a monthly basis and 28% of Canadians over the age of 18 tuning in monthly. If you’re looking to connect with an audience and spread the word about what matters to you, now is a great time to do so. That said, now you’re competing with all types of niche and general podcast topics to get the attention of a generation not well known for brand loyalty or paying much attention to one subject. You need to stand out from the crowd and a digital strategy can really set you apart. The first step to any great website? Owning a great domain name, of course!

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New Toilet: How Much Does It Cost & How to Choose One

Puls Blog – 4.27.19 (4.25.19)

Toilets are incredibly durable pieces of equipment—and if taken care of properly, can last up to 40 or 50 years (assuming the laws on water usage per flush don’t change). However, there are occasions when your toilet’s days are numbered, and the repairs outweigh the cost of replacement, or you might simply want to upgrade yours in favor of an ultra-low-flow model to conserve water.

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Get Yourself Free: 50 Ways to Use Your Calisto

Plantronics Blog – 3.14.19 (3.12.19)

If you’re like most people, the frenzy of everyday life has you in a dozen places per day. In your car, the coffee shop, the office, the conference room, the airport, and the lobby of your kid’s orthodontist. This scenario has multiplied in recent years, as changing workstyles have resulted in less people in the office and more working from home, in remote locations, and shared workspaces.

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How to Record a Podcast Interview

MOVO Photo – 3.1.19 (2.27.19)

It takes a lot of guts to start a podcast, especially with so many already in existence. Conceptualizing innovative and compelling content that keeps listeners coming back for more is hard enough, and it’s even harder to finesse it all together with a high production value. But there are thousands of powerful and well-produced podcasts out there, so it must be possible, right?

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