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Lenovo YouTube Channel – 6.11.18

Made for today’s mature, avid gamer, the new Lenovo Legion gaming PCs are redesigned from the ground up to be stylish on the outside and savage on the inside – delivering a smooth balance between a sleek sophisticated exterior and epic gaming performance. Wrapped in a refined chassis with a transparent side panel revealing an array of customizable RGB lighting, the Lenovo Legion T730 is a 28-liter VR-ready powerhouse delivering overclocked 60fps performance to play today’s most demanding titles in beautiful 4K resolution (external 4K display required). The Lenovo Legion T530 is a mainstream VR-ready gaming tower packed with the latest generation graphical power and tool-free upgradable design in a sleek raven black chassis that’s ready for battle.

Source: Lenovo Legion T730 and T530 Product Tour

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