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Western Digital YouTube Channel – 8/13/22 (8.12.22)


Since its conception more than 35 years ago, NAND Flash has transformed industries, fueled innovations and disrupted markets. From mobile devices and connected vehicles to gaming and data centers, Flash is at the core. Virtually every market is growing in ways that demand more than just faster and greater capacities of Flash. In this keynote, Western Digital will look at the various approaches to 3D NAND Flash scaling and discuss how an optimal combination of vertical and lateral scaling is needed to achieve an efficient capital investment strategy. Continuous innovation and fully integrated design and device architecture have enabled achieving consistently increasing performance and reliability over multiple NAND generations. We see no end in sight to 3D NAND Flash scaling and its potential widespread applications. As NAND technology evolves, vertical system integration and intimate device knowledge are mandatory to deliver products that will meet future application needs for decades to come.

Source: Innovation & Disruption: The Next 35 Years of Flash

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