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IBM Blog – 7.13.21

We are proud to announce the launch of IBM’s first AI incubator for social impact organizations, empowering nonprofit organizations to explore and use high-impact data science and AI projects to advance their mission. The incubator, which will run from September 20 through December 10 2021, offers selected nonprofits opportunities to attend training workshops, hear from expert speakers, learn from each other’s experiences, and work with IBM AI leaders to implement a project during the 10-week program. Participating organizations will work alongside experts from IBM Data Science and AI Elite and IBM Research in an apprenticeship model, while leveraging the power of the IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service platform and building the support of a community of like-minded organizations. Ultimately, through the incubator and other AI for social good programs, we aim to support organizations with an identified gap or aspiration in data and AI, and help them enhance their long-term impact in the communities they serve.

Source: IBM launches first AI incubator for social impact – Watson Blog

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