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The New Generation of Tech and Stronger Privacy Laws

Purism Blog – 6.26.19

In a nutshell, what you can read in The Mercury News is how every Big Tech company seems to care about privacy now—while quietly attempting to dismantle the California Consumer Privacy Act before it even goes into effect. Why? California’s new privacy law requires large companies to respect basic information rights: what is collected, sold, traded or shared.

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What’s In a (User)Name

Purism Blog – 5.9.19 (5.7.19)

At Librem One you have One account to rule them all. One account to remember, One account to share with all; and no privacy to surrender.

One of the fundamental design goals for Librem One, outside of privacy, was linking all of our services under a single convenient login. This means that no matter how you want to connect with me, you have everything you need on this personal card:

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