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How to Stop the Popups

McAfee Blog – 5.5.21 (5.4.21)

McAfee is tracking an increase in the use of deceptive popups that mislead some users into taking action, while annoying many others.  A significant portion is attributed to browser-based push notifications, and while there are a couple of simple steps users can take to prevent and remediate the situation, there is also some confusion about how these should be handled.

Source: How to Stop the Popups | McAfee Blogs

5 Ways to Reset Your Family’s Digital Habits this Summer

McAfee Blog – 5.4.21 (5.3.21)

Ahhhh. Can you feel it? Summer is so close. Everything feels a little more buoyant, a little brighter. We’re in the home stretch of social distancing, a sense of normalcy is returning, and there’s a collective energy that’s ready to throw the screen door open, run outside, and pounce on summer.

There’s no doubt you’ve established great digital ground rules that worked well during quarantine. However, as we begin the mental trek toward some degree of our former life, summer may be the perfect window to think about a digital reset.

Source: 5 Ways to Reset Your Family’s Digital Habits this Summer | McAfee Blogs

PC Gamers (and Parents of Gamers) Rejoice!

McAfee Blog – 5.3.21 (5.2.21)

Of all the pastimes that took off during the pandemic, it’s not surprising that online gaming was one of them. After all, gaming offers excitement, new experiences, and social interaction, all from the comfort of home. It’s no wonder then that the gaming industry saw a 20% increase in revenue in 2020, as new and previously-retired gamers returned to this pastime. 

Source: PC Gamers (and Parents of Gamers) Rejoice!

Security Across All Your Family’s Devices

McAfee YouTube Channel – 12.5.20 (12.4.20)


Feel secure in everything your family does, with McAfee. This solution offers parental controls, safe web browsing, identify theft protection and more across all your family’s devices, so you can experience security everywhere. Learn more at

Source: Security Across All Your Family’s Devices

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