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What to do about Windows 7’s end of life

Kaspersky Blog – 2.3.20

As you know, January 14 saw the end of extended support for Windows 7. Just three days later, Microsoft published information about a vulnerability in the Internet Explorer browser that an attacker can use to gain the same rights as an active user.  The majority of companies still using Windows 7 will likely not receive a patch for this vulnerability. Sure, paid support will continue until January 10, 2023, but not all companies consider that economically viable. So now is definitely the time for some brainstorming followed by action. We decided to offer our own perspective on the problem.

Source: What to do about Windows 7’s end of life

11 Years of Making a Difference

Kaspersky Blog – 1.15.20 (1.10.20)

What a year it has been for Kaspersky North America. We are proud to share that 2019 was a record-breaking year of volunteerism for us.

We began participating in organized charitable activities in 2008, and in 2011 the company formally implemented paid Volunteer Time Off, which employees can use with any non-profit organization of their choice. It has since become deeply embedded in our culture and is something that we look forward to each month.

Source: 11 Years of Making a Difference

6 accounts you should never abandon

Kaspersky Blog – 10.25.19 (10.23.19)

Can you recall every online service account you have? Maybe you signed up to access some content or because a friend asked you to, then lost interest. Many users simply stop logging in and don’t bother to delete their accounts. The accounts sit there, dormant, waiting to be hacked — but if they are, you won’t know about it anytime soon, if ever.

Source: 6 accounts you should never abandon

What happened to Kaspersky Free antivirus ?

Kaspersky Blog – 10.10.19 (10.7.19)

Back in 2017, we introduced Kaspersky Free antivirus globally, a solution that offered basic protection for PC users at absolutely no cost, so that no person would be left unprotected from cyberthreats. Under its hood thrummed the same engine as in our premium security products, which collect the majority of awards from independent test labs each year. And it really was free — no payment required, no third-party ads. And, no surprise, it became quite popular.

Source: What happened to Kaspersky Free antivirus ?

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