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IrisVR Designing Better Buildings in VR with Intel Core Processors 

Intel YouTube Channel – 6.5.19 (6.3.19)


Learn about Prospect* software from IrisVR. This software lets teams meet up in a VR environment rendered from actual 3D geometry. Participants are free to explore and critique the digital projection before breaking ground.

Source: IrisVR Designing Better Buildings in VR with Intel® Core™ Processors

Beat Boxers | Best Visual Quality | Intel University Games Showcase

Intel YouTube Channel – 4.2.19 (4.1.19)


Beat Boxers won the Best Visual Quality category at this year’s Intel® University Games Showcase! Beat Boxers is an innovative fighting game where fighters can utilize different moves based on the beat of the music.

Source: Beat Boxers | Best Visual Quality | Intel® University Games Showcase

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