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Introducing: the Eight Sleep Pod

Eight Sleep Blog – 2.14.19 (2.13.19)

We founded Eight Sleep four years ago, with the mission to leverage technology to improve sleep performance. Thanks to the thousands of customers who have joined us on this journey, we’ve collected more than 43 million hours of sleep data and learned a tremendous amount about what factors keep people up at night.

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The Impact of Temperature on Sleep

Eight Sleep Blog – 2.4.19 (2.3.19)

Temperature plays a big factor in whether you get a good night’s rest or not. Even when we’re awake, sweating and freezing are uncomfortable. To ensure good sleep quality, channel Goldilocks and make sure the temperature of all aspects of your sleep environment, including your own internal temperature, are just right.

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What Are Night Sweats?

Eight Sleep Blog – 11.6.18 (11.5.18)

You may be looking forward to the start of cooler temperatures, but for many sleepers the arrival of fall and cooler weather doesn’t necessarily mean the end of their excessive sweating.  While occasional night sweat is not a cause for alarm, continually waking up from overheating can be both annoying and unhealthy.

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