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Celebrating Earth Day: Prototyping Tools to Make a Cleaner Tomorrow

3Doodler Blog – 4.15.20

Helping students develop ideas and create things is such an important process. Oftentimes I find my students will not take the risks involved in inventing new things because they have never learned about prototyping. They’ve often never been encouraged or allowed to truly explore the process involved in bringing great work to life. With that as my goal, we started working with 3D printing to create hydraulic claws.

Full Post: Celebrating Earth Day: Prototyping Tools to Make a Cleaner Tomorrow

3D Build & Play by 3Doodler. Create in 3D in Seconds.

3Doodler YouTube Channel – 2.21.20 (2.19.20)


3D Build & Play is the world’s first 3D printing product for ages 4+. From the maker of the award winning 3Doodler Start, 3D Build & Play brings together the power of 3D creation and storytelling in a fun, easy to use way. Use the 3D Build & Play and special molds to create Jim the Giraffe and his friends, and read along with our specially written story and “pop-up” backgrounds as you take them on a journey from the jungle to the city, and back again. As a tactile learning toy, 3D Build & Play teaches fine motor skills, hand-on learning and three dimensional thinking, all while cranking away and having a ton of fun!

Source: 3D Build & Play by 3Doodler – Create in 3D in Seconds

ROBOSUMO for 3Doodler Start – Battle Your 3D PEN Creations

3Doodler YouTube Channel – 8.6.19 (8.5.19)


Build your own mini Sumo battle-bots and face-off against each other in the ring. Designed to help children understand motion, engineering and physics. Compatible with the new 3Doodler APP, featuring templates, ideas and tutorials for both products, including the ability to doodle directly on your tablet or mobile device.

Source: ROBOSUMO for 3Doodler Start – Battle Your 3D PEN Creations

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