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NETGEAR YouTube Channel – 2.9.19 (2.8.19)


Michael Bissani, Product Management Specialist, builds the app that manages the home WiFi network on your Nighthawk router. Let’s take a tour of the Nighthawk App and their complementary services: NETGEAR Armor and Circle on NETGEAR. The Nighthawk App is the central hub for setting up, configuring, and managing your home network. Right from your mobile device, you can access the dashboard to view your connected devices, protect your network from cyberthreats on NETGEAR Armor, and set up smart parental controls on Circle on NETGEAR. Download the Nighthawk App today on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Source: Nighthawk App Walkthrough with Michael Bissani | NETGEAR at CES 2019

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