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iFit YouTube Channel – 5.5.21


Welcome to the Anxiety: Work It Out Series with iFIT Guide, and sport psychologist, Dr. Jarrod Spencer! This series is all about discussing different forms of anxiety, how to manage anxiety, how to help others with anxiety, and how to deal with anxiety in your life. Dr. Jarrod will guide you through gentle walks around the Carribean nation of Antigua and Barbuda as he shares his knowledge on anxiety and the best practices to cope with it so you can become more knowledgeable on this pervasive feeling. You’ll get to visit the turquoise waters at the St. John’s Boardwalk, the calming shores of Galley Bay Beach, the sweeping views at the iconic and towering cliffs at Carpenter’s Trail, the lush green hills of the Shekerley Mountains, and more as Dr. Jarrod helps you work it out.

Source: iFit Mind Anxiety: Work It Out Walking Workout Series

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