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Shokz Blog – 3.5.22 (3.4.22)

National Day of Unplugging falls on March 4-5th this year, starting at sundown on Friday and lasting until sundown Saturday. The goal of National Day of Unplugging is to take a break from notifications, social media, screentime, and constantly having to be “on” in the digital age by powering down electronic devices during these 24 hours. While 24 uninterrupted hours of no phone, laptop, or TV may seem daunting at first, you’ll be rewarded with relaxation, more restful sleep, and the feeling of a goal accomplished. Grab your OpenSwim for device-free listening, or your OpenRun Pro (and put your phone on Do Not Disturb!) and try out a few of these activities you can do to fill up your downtime.

Source: How To Unplug With Your Shokz Headphones

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