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OWC YouTube Channel – 3.7.22


It’s festival season. Billie Eilish’s team depends on OWC tech to help them transform a year’s worth of music that has never been performed in front of an audience into a live show. It falls on Aron Forbes, Billie Eilish’s producer/music director; and Trevor Jackson, her guitar and keyboard tech, to make her life easier, so she can perform her best when she walks into a rehearsal or show. Jackson says of his job, “We should be the best part of their (the artist’s) day, it should be stressless it should be a good placeto music.” Forbes and Jackson trust OWC to help them create the best work environment possible for Eilish’s music production team. Tools such as the OWC ThunderBay 4, Thunderbolt 3 Dock, and Envoy portable storage help them quickly create and move massive amounts of content in seconds. So they can operate without the fear that they’re going to lose their hard work. More peace of mind, better creativity… only from OWC.

Source: How Billie Eilish’s Team Takes the Studio on the Road with OWC

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