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TechDen Blog – 8.9.19 (8.8.19)

It’s that time again. Back to school. Are you looking forward to the first day of school? Or am I the only parent that feels just as disappointed as most kids are about this? Admittedly it’s a bit overwhelming. The school supplies lists. Yes lists. The uniforms. Not to mention getting back into a much more structured routine which no doubt unfortunately leaves less family time. And for the kids less play time. It’s school all day. Then homework. And soccer practice. And soccer games. Preparing healthy dinners. And then there’s lunches. Then a bit of playtime, a book, bedtime. Repeat. No wonder why that sounds a bit daunting. I can feel my anxiety build a bit as I write these words. But you know we’ll get it all done. We will conquer back to school prep and finding a routine that works. We’re super parents in that sense.

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