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THX Blog – 11.23.20 (11.17.20)

EVOO, a private-label electronics brand, today announced a lineup of four new powerful, attractive, and cost effective EVOO devices designed for gamers. The new EVOO Gaming laptops, powered by Intel and AMD ranging from 15.6 to 17.3 inches, are now available on The power packed EVOOs feature THX® Spatial Audio technology for immersive audio that enhances sound localization for listening over headphones when connected to the 3.5mm jack and from the device’s built-in speakers. The devices have also been Tuned by THX™ audio for balanced, clear sound; and three of the new EVOO Gaming laptops feature displays that have been Tuned by THX to provide vibrant colors and crisp visual contrast adding to the action, adventure, and realism of the game play experience.

Source: EVOO Launches New Lineup of Immersive Gaming Laptops on Amazon

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