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Geneverse on the Go

Geneverse Blog – 5.2.23

Everyone already knows how useful a Geneverse can be during an emergency or during times of crisis. However, Geneverse solar generators can also be used in everyday life. For those who live their lives on the go, a reliable solar generator is worth its weight in gold.

Source: Geneverse on the Go

Introducing PlayStation Stars – An all new loyalty program

PlayStation Blog – 7.14.22

our company’s 27-year history, we have been continually moved by how meaningful gaming experiences can create fond, lifelong memories for players. All of us at PlayStation take special joy in creating unique products and experiences that delight our fans. This includes everything from our consoles and critically acclaimed games, to community challenges such as Seize the Throne and Treat Codes, to digital and live events including State of Play.

Source: Introducing PlayStation Stars – An all new loyalty program

Announcing Backblaze B2’s Universal Data Migration

Backblaze Blog – 4.13.22

Your data is valuable. Whether you’re sequencing genomesmanaging a media powerhouse, or running your own business, you need fast, affordable, ready access to it in order to achieve your goals. But, you can’t get the most out of your data if it’s locked-in to a provider where it’s hard to manage or time-consuming to retrieve. Unfortunately, due to egress fees and closed, “all-in-one” platforms, vendor lock-in is currently trapping too many companies.

Source: Announcing Backblaze B2’s Universal Data Migration

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