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Microsoft Teams | More ways to be a team

Microsoft YouTube Channel – 8.28.20


See all the new ways to work together on Microsoft Teams. Now you can join your team in the same virtual room with Together Mode, you can see up to 49 people at a time in Large Gallery View, and you can collaborate live on the same page with Whiteboard.

Source: Microsoft Teams | More ways to be a team

PureOS for Creatives Part 1: Music Production with the Librem 15

Purism Blog – 8.24.20 (8.21.20)

In 2020, there is a free software equivalent for every mainstream commercial program on the market today. For photographers who use Photoshop, there is GIMP; for illustrators are accustomed to using Illustrator, there is Inkscape; for videographers who need access to tools like Premiere Pro, there are video editing apps like Kdenlive, Flowblade, and more. These programs provide most of the functionality of proprietary software for free. Most of the time, the differences are merely in the extra content and presets that the commercial apps provide. In the PureOS store, we curate the world’s most powerful free software and make it easily accessible to Librem owners to download on their devices.

Source: PureOS for Creatives Part 1: Music Production with the Librem 15

Windows Security Risk in Zoom Chat Function

Avast Blog – 4.3.20

Researchers discovered a flaw in the Zoom chat feature that could allow attackers to steal users’ Windows login credentials. Over the past month, as much of the population began working from home and discontinuing social gatherings, the number of Zoom video conferences has skyrocketed. Since 2020 began, 2 million new users have signed up with the service. People all over the world are using Zoom on a daily basis for work meetings, school sessions, social hours, and casual video chats. The sudden surge, however, has brought to light several privacy and security issues with Zoom protocol.

Full Post: Windows Security Risk in Zoom Chat Function

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