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Introducing a New Cat To Your Home

Litter-Robot Blog – 12.13.21

Bringing a new cat into your home is exciting, but it can also be stressful for them to enter an unfamiliar space. It’s important to make your new cat and other animals feel secure to avoid stress and conflict. With a little intentional planning, you’ll be able to create a smooth transition into your household. This guide is going to give you tips on introducing a new cat to your home.

Source: Introducing a New Cat To Your Home

E-Collars for Cats: 5 Tips

Litter Robot Blog – 1.13.21

Ah, the cone of shame. Following surgery, your cat may suffer the indignity of donning a cat e-collar. So, how do you keep your kitty as comfortable as possible while making sure that his cat cone collar stays on? Learn how to keep e-collars for cats in place, along with other post-surgery tips.

Source: E-Collars for Cats: 5 Tips

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