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The Evolution of Jammy G

Jammy YouTube Channel – 11.4.20 (11.3.20)


This “before/after” video is a journal of Jammy’s evolution achieved thanks to our community’s feedback. Each Jammy player is fully entitled to share this video and say, “I made this!” We got people with all sorts of playing styles and experience levels in our community. We compare their expectations against the decisions our tracking algorithms make. Based on that comparison, we tweak the algorithms to increase Jammy’s playability with each new firmware we release. So thank you guys for making the Jammy evolution happen!

Source: The Evolution of Jammy G

PureOS for Creatives Part 1: Music Production with the Librem 15

Purism Blog – 8.24.20 (8.21.20)

In 2020, there is a free software equivalent for every mainstream commercial program on the market today. For photographers who use Photoshop, there is GIMP; for illustrators are accustomed to using Illustrator, there is Inkscape; for videographers who need access to tools like Premiere Pro, there are video editing apps like Kdenlive, Flowblade, and more. These programs provide most of the functionality of proprietary software for free. Most of the time, the differences are merely in the extra content and presets that the commercial apps provide. In the PureOS store, we curate the world’s most powerful free software and make it easily accessible to Librem owners to download on their devices.

Source: PureOS for Creatives Part 1: Music Production with the Librem 15

An update worth checking out: Jammy Guitar firmware 1.7

Jammy Guitar YouTube Channel – 7.29.20 (7.24.20)


We’ve just released a new firmware update for Jammy that rounds up everything we’ve worked on in version 1.7 — improved left-hand techniques, Sensitivity Presets and enhanced on-board sound. Improved left-hand techniques include slides, bending / vibrato and hammer-ons / pull-offs. Sensitivity Presets let you quickly change between different behaviors of Jammy: Basic Techniques, Super Tapping and many more. The enhanced on-board sound makes it much more enjoyable to just plug your headphones into Jammy and jam, using built-in electric, acoustic and classical guitar sound banks.

Source: An update worth checking out: Jammy Guitar firmware 1.7

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