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Introducing Dolby Atmos Music + Lizzo | Dolby Music

Dolby YouTube Channel – 11.25.19 (11.24.19)


Feel the realness with Lizzo in Dolby. Go deep into the creative mind of the GRAMMY-nominated artist and fan favorite, Lizzo, as she experiences Dolby Atmos Music for the first time and invites you to an intimate conversation on what drives her as an artist. This exclusive portrait film from Dolby lets you into Lizzo’s raw, unfiltered thoughts, as if you’re in the room with her bringing you closer to feeling what she feels.    Dolby’s mission has always been to create the strongest bond possible between artists, their stories, and the world. As the driving force in sound innovation, Dolby Atmos Music pushes the boundaries and frees music to be expressed and experienced as intended.    The next era of music has arrived. Welcome to Lizzo in Dolby.

Source: Introducing Dolby Atmos Music + Lizzo | Dolby Music

Happy Birthday, MiniDisc

Como Audio Blog – 11.22.19 (11.21.19)

Twenty-seven years ago this month, Sony introduced the MiniDisc (not to be confused with the 3” CD single) to North America and Europe, having debuted the technology a month prior in Japan. Perhaps some of you are too young to know what the MiniDisc was, or you have (understandably) forgotten about this unique music storage format. In honor of the anniversary, I am going to look back on this interesting invention.

Source: Happy Birthday, MiniDisc

Stream music the way artists want you to hear it

Amazon Blog – 10.21.19 (10.18.19)

Amazon Music recently announced the launch of Amazon Music HD, a new tier of premium quality music with more than 50 million songs in High Definition, and millions of songs in Ultra High Definition, the highest quality streaming audio available. We spoke with Andre Stapleton, head of label relations in North America at Amazon, and others in the music industry, to understand the importance of Amazon bringing high quality music to customers worldwide.

Joe Satriani: Using AmpliTube on his studio tracks

IK Multimedia YouTube Channel – 8.13.19 (8.9.19)


Legendary guitarist Joe Satriani tells us how he used AmpliTube on his tracks in the studio, and wraps it all with “sounds just like an amp!”. That says it all. Watch as Joe starts off explaining how AmpliTube ended up on a Chickenfoot track, and takes us through how technology really has changed how we make music. Hear Joe Satriani play guitar through AmpliTube and our AXE I/O audio interface throughout the video.

Source: Joe Satriani: Using AmpliTube on his studio tracks

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