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Making Chromebooks work for people with disabilities

Google Blog – 10.13.20

As a visually impaired woman, I use assistive technology everyday to make my working environment accessible and productive. I feel grateful to work on the Chromebook team, which values my perspective as someone with a disability. Seeking and embracing a diverse set of perspectives is the only true way to build for everyone.

Source: Making Chromebooks work for people with disabilities

JLab goes 100% Recyclable! ♻

JLab Audio Blog – 10.9.20

We found a way to ditch the plastic. This has been a goal of ours for quite some time: To provide an eco-friendly case for the environment + a strong and sturdy package for you. This means after you open your product, you can put the box directly into the recycling bin and every component of it is recyclable. We immediately kicked off the initiative with our new launches like the Epic Air ANC and will fully transition all packages by 2021.

Source: JLab goes 100% Recyclable! ♻

A year of work on the Bay Area’s housing and homeless crises

Google Blog – 7.29.20 (7.23.20)

Today, we’re marking the one-year anniversary of our Bay Area housing commitment. Since last year, we’ve met with hundreds of advocates, developers and community leaders to understand how to quickly create affordable housing and support solutions to homelessness. In the Bay area, there’s a severe housing shortage of nearly 500,000 affordable units and the  homelessness crisis affects around 35,000 people. So we focused our efforts on two areas: grants to assist people experiencing homelessness and investments to produce more affordable housing.

Source: A year of work on the Bay Area’s housing and homeless crises

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