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KANO STORIES – Syrian Refugees Can Code

Kano Computing YouTube Channel – 11.22.18 (11.20.18)


Kano partnered with Kurdistan Save The Children and World Learning to visit the Arbat Refugee Camp, where Syrian refugees kids are learning about code, creativity and English in a 12-week program, giving them a positive outlook despite the harsh geopolitical context of the region.

Source: KANO STORIES – Syrian Refugees Can Code

DJI Stories – Fly Without Wings

DJI YouTube Channel – 11.15.18 (11.13.18)


As a young man, Andrew Kuster suffered a tragic injury, an accidental gunshot wound left him partially paralyzed. But Kuster didn’t let that get in the way of living a full life. He began learning how to operate drones and got his commercial license from the FAA. These days he runs Tri County Drone LLC in his native Missouri. He photographs real estate, inspects power lines, and captures Motocross highlights. He is teaching his daughter how to fly and hopes she’ll join him in the business someday.

Source: DJI Stories – Fly Without Wings

The quest for friction-free products: World Usability Day

Google Blog – 11.13.18 (11.10.18)

World Usability Day is a one-day, global celebration that brings together design professionals, developers and product creators to humanize products and advocate for making them easier to use. This year, Google is celebrating with an extra emphasis on Digital Wellbeing.

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VR for Good competition

Vuze VR Blog – 11.12.18 (11.11.18)

A UK charity has announced one of the world’s first ‘VR for good’ film competitions with a significant cash prize. LOROS Hospice cares for over 2,500 terminally ill patients across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (UK) each year and has been working with critically acclaimed VR studio CATS are not PEAS to develop its use of immersive VR with its patients and their families.

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Google Play: Change the Game Design Challenge

Google YouTube Channel – 11.8.18


Change The Game is Google Play’s program to empower women in the gaming industry. Earlier this year, we challenged teens to submit their mobile game ideas for our first ever Change The Game Design Challenge. We selected five finalists and brought the games to life. Today, we’re thrilled to release these games and the stories behind them.

Source: Google Play: Change the Game Design Challenge 

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