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Relax! A fresh look and relaxed feel for sleep tracking with MyKokoon

Kokoon Blog – 10.27.20 (10.26.20)

I’ve always loved to run. But recently, running and I fell out of step. To rediscover my mojo, I enlisted the help of a running coach.

Her advice was surprising – “run naked”… keep your shorts on, but lose the smartwatch. Instead of fixating on the data and pushing the pace, I was to run by feel and measure by enjoyment. If I wanted to see my pace go up, I had to stop trying so hard.

Source: Relax! A fresh look and relaxed feel for sleep tracking with MyKokoon

AI: Going Beyond Automation

Dell Blog – 10.27.20 (10.26.20)

A great deal of the focus of artificial intelligence (AI) is on automating tasks so a person doesn’t have to do them. At its simplest level, AI enables users to program systems to perform tasks. For example, a coffee pot can be programmed to automatically start early in the morning so coffee is ready when the alarm goes off. The AI is performing limited thinking along the lines of, “Is it 5:45 a.m. yet?”  

Source: AI: Going Beyond Automation | Dell Technologies

Why Customers Choose Logitech for Zoom Rooms and Desktops

Logitech YouTube Channel – 10.27.20


Customers from around the world trust Logitech for their video collaboration needs. Logitech provides video hardware for your virtual Zoom meetings that is easy to use, easy to manage and easy to deploy. Logitech Solutions for Zoom Rooms makes meetings better. “It’s how it should be: you unpack everything, you connect it, and then it just works. Logitech and Zoom together are a huge, huge home run.”

Source: Why Customers Choose Logitech for Zoom Rooms & Desktops

The Nastiest Malware of 2020

Webroot Blog – 10.27.20

For the third year running, we’ve examined the year’s biggest cyber threats and ranked them to determine which ones are the absolute worst. Somewhat unsurprisingly, phishing and RDP-related breaches remain the top methods we’ve seen cybercriminals using to launch their attacks. Additionally, while new examples of malware and cybercriminal tactics crop up each day, plenty of the same old players, such as ransomware, continue to get upgrades and dominate the scene.

Source: The Nastiest Malware of 2020 | Webroot

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