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How to set up the Roku Premiere+ | Model 3921 | 2018

Roku YouTube Channel – 10.9.18 (10.4.18)


Here’s how to set up the new 2018 Roku Premiere+. Turn your streaming up a notch with the Roku Premiere+. Enjoy brilliant 4K Ultra HD picture quality at an incredible value. Plus, you can put away your TV remote. The included Roku voice remote has all you need to stream with buttons to turn on your TV, control volume, use voice search, and control your player.It also comes with aPremium High Speed HDMI® Cable so there’s no need to buy anything extra. With a short step-by-step setup and an easy on-screen experience, you’ll discover thousands of free and paid channels to stream almost anything, including hit movies, popular shows, live TV, news and sports.

Source: How to set up the Roku Premiere+ | Model 3921 | 2018

Introducing the Roku Ultra | Model 4661 | 2018

Roku YouTube Channel – 9.28.18 (9.24.18)


Entertainment lovers—this is for you. The Roku Ultra is our top-of-the-line player with a powerful quad-core processor, our best wireless, and anEthernet port, for ultimate connectivity that stands up to what you want to stream. Whether you’re watching in HD, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR, you’ll get picture quality that’s optimized for your TV with crisp detail and rich color. Plus, it’s got all the bells and whistles, including a voice remote with TV power and volume buttons, private listening, lost remote finder, and night listening mode—and premium JBL headphones, valued at $39.95.

Source: Introducing the Roku Ultra | Model 4661 | 2018

The best Fall TV premieres and how to watch them

Roku Blog – 9.24.18 (9.21.18)

this is us season 3

You’ll never mutter “there’s nothing good to watch!” this fall TV season. In September alone, there are 50+ network shows premiering! So, to make it easier to find all this great TV we recently launched Featured Free (now on all Roku devices in the U.S.), a new home screen navigation that puts a spotlight on free content across the Roku platform. You’ll be surprised by how many episodes are streaming for free.

Source: The best Fall TV premieres and how to watch them

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