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JBL Endurance DIVE How to Transfer music

JBL YouTube Channel – 10.16.18


With JBL Endurance DIVE you can forget your smartphone at home. Look how to easily transfer music from your PC or Mac on to the headphones and transform them into MP3 players. Enjoy your JBL Endurance DIVE headphones where your smartphone can’t go.

Introducing the 5-Camera LG V40 ThinQ™

LG YouTube Channel – 10.16.18 (10.11.18)


Capture. Create. Express yourself like never before with the 5-Camera LG V40 ThinQ that conveniently brings a photographic toolkit to your fingertips. Featuring 3 rear cameras — standard, telephoto zoom and super wide-angle — capture 3 photos from multiple perspectives with just one click. Capture your best selfie and fuller group shots with the dual front — standard and wide— cameras. Lightweight with intense color and perfect blacks, experience award-winning LG OLED technology in the palm of your hand. Now fully capture life’s moments and even the unexpected with the awe-inspiring, one-of-a-kind LG V40 ThinQ 5-Camera system.
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