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Looking Inside: The Touchscreen

Kano Computing Blog – 9.26.18

Last week we launched the latest of our DIY kits, the Computer Kit Touch. And ever since then lots of you (and all of us here at Kano HQ), have been getting your hands on them. Touching the pieces. Touching the Code. Touching the Keys. Creating, and coding art, music, and games of your very own.

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3D printed computer: A dream come true?

Sculpteo Blog – 9.13.18 (9.12.18)

Additive manufacturing is a great way to develop new projects and some new innovations could even be related to computer science. 3D printing a 3D printer is possible, conductive 3D printing is now a reality, so why wouldn’t it be possible to 3D print a computer? In this blog post, we are going to see what it is actually possible to do for computer science using 3D printing, and we will take a look at the recent experiments made in this field.

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