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JBL Endurance DIVE How to Transfer music

JBL YouTube Channel – 10.16.18


With JBL Endurance DIVE you can forget your smartphone at home. Look how to easily transfer music from your PC or Mac on to the headphones and transform them into MP3 players. Enjoy your JBL Endurance DIVE headphones where your smartphone can’t go.

JLab Audio Launches Over-Ear Sport Headphone

JLab Audio Blog – 10.16.18

The fastest growing audio brand*, JLab Audio, has launched a new over-ear sport headphone. The Flex Sport Wireless Headphones offer a 20-hour Bluetooth playtime, a durable and flexible build, and a customizable fit. Great for the gym, running, or anything else active, Flex Sport has removeable earpads that can be washed after a workout.

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A New Solution for Mild-to-Moderate Hearing Loss 

Nuheara Blog – 10.5.18 (10.4.18)

I was lucky enough to get an hour of Dr. Alan Davis valuable time allocated during my visit at the Audiology Now Conference a few months ago in Nashville, TN, to have a first-hand experience of the newly launched IQbuds BOOSTTM by Nuheara. So – what’s to say about this “new kid on the block” with regard to hearable devices that allow you not only to stream your music (yes-with exceptional sound quality), make your phone calls (with very good speech understanding), but to enhance your hearing capabilities in those situations where you always wanted to boost your hearing – without having to wear hearing devices.

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JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds by JLab Audio

JLab Audio YouTube Channel – 10.2.18 (10.1.18)


Time to GO on the move, in a pinch, out the door. Grab your JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds as you head to work, get to the gym, or jump on an airplane. A 3-4-hour battery life with Bluetooth 4.2 gives you just enough power to get through those music moments. Their innovative charging case provides 10 extra hours to the earbuds so you can charge back up quickly. Automatically turning on and connecting to each other right out of the case, they provide hassle-free technology. Perfect for on-the-GO moments.

Source: JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds by JLab Audi

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